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Stone Mountain’s Geyser Towers Showcases Prime Play’s Newest Product

posted on July 9, 2012

Stone Mountain Park, one of most exciting parks in the United States enlisted Prime Play to create its newest attraction Geyser Towers, which opened this spring.

Geyser Towers is the first of its kind in the world! Prime Play’s newest product is an Adventure Trail integrated with multiple water elements. Meant as a shoes-on attraction that sprays (or soaks!) guests, it has geysers that erupt from the ground, some bursting as high as 25 feet (8 meters) into the air! One geyser is even placed directly under the Adventure Trail, shooting up the middle of the multi-level attraction, to soak guests through the suspended triangle net walk above it. Other spray elements squirt, mist and blast guests as they criss-cross through suspended rope bridges, netted tunnels, towers and the web elevator climb.

“Geyser Towers is a unique attraction that has already been a very successful addition to Stone Mountain”, states Sonny Horton, VP of Marketing for Stone Mountain. “While kids of all ages are highly entertained by the geysers and sprays, parents are pleased with how this attraction encourages exploration and challenges them as they move across the bridges and seek out the different towers.”

Geyser Towers is also the first Adventure Trail product to be installed in North America. It features a footprint of 40 x 50 feet (12 x 15 meters), making it a high capacity attraction that surges with water fun.

About Stone Mountain Park:

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most popular attraction and one of the top historical attractions in the U.S.  Home to the world’s largest freestanding piece of exposed granite, Stone Mountain Park also features a historical Memorial Carving which is the world’s largest relief sculpture.  The 3,200-acre park includes more than a dozen attractions, historical and natural sights, two Marriott hotels, Georgia’s largest campground, two championship golf courses, and expansive natural woodlands with hiking trails. Stone Mountain Park is located 16 miles east of downtown Atlanta. More information regarding Stone Mountain Park attractions and hours of operation is available at 770-498-5690 or by visiting

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