Hopkins Rides

Spinning Rapids® Ride

A Sensational Water-Based Spin

The Spinning Rapids® Ride is a sensational water-based spin on the traditional amusement ride. Patented propulsion technology propels family-sized rafts into totally controlled forward and backward spinning cycles - without getting riders completely drenched! Centrifugal forces press riders against the back wall of rafts as they swiftly whirl down the river, giving riders an intense, heart-pounding ride experience.

Product Features

  • Patented technology prevents riders from being drenched by water
  • Live computer-automated conveyor system supports efficient launch and recovery system
  • Caters to a wide demographic
  • Increases capacity and throughput with 3-6 person circular rafts
  • Our in-house team of experts can customize to suit any project site and budget and theme
  • Variations available with reduced footprint and smaller river channel


Spinning Rapids


Facts & Figures

  • 3-6 person rafts

US patent # 5716282